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The Banjo Boys

For the lovers of traditional jazz or barrel house bands, in the fashion of the great Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Bernie would like to point towards the BANJO BOYS. 

For the historical record: The BANJO BOYS were formed in 1972. The line up was John Orchard – Piano, John Drury – Tuba/Sousaphone, John Rolling – Drummer, Andy Holdorf – Trombone, Charlie Bently – Tenor Banjo and Bernie Shaw – 5 String Banjo. 

They had record breaking contracts at Diamond Lil’s The Skyline Hotel, Heathrow, London England 1973/74. After that, they had a further record breaking stint which was 18 months in ‘Ye Father’s Moustache’ at the Malibu Hotel, Durban, South Africa.

The Banjo Boys played many Spike Jones numbers as that band was a favourite of the Banjo Boys. The Banjo Boys also played on radio and TV in South Africa when the band split up after four great years; the two banjo players, Bernie and Charlie found a duo called Bernie and Chas.

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