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JOBANGLES is an acoustic trio, playing guitar, banjo, saxophone, and percussion instruments.

The band (Joe McGhee, Elliot Wyss and Bernie Shaw) sing some of their own original numbers and also many southern 'Dixie' style 'Bluesy' songs.

JOBANGLES has performed on Manchester Television (MTV) and Salford City Radio. On May 17th 2009, the band played in St Mary's Park Prestwich Manchester for 'The Friends of the Clough' organisation and R.N.L.I.

JOBANGLES band has many friends who join them. Craig Herbertson Star Scottish fiddle/guitar/banjo player, now based in Germany is a great friend. More recently Beth and Rod a fine Manchester fiddle/guitar vocal duo, have played alongside Joe, Bernie and Elliot to great effect.

JOBANGLES are great for any venue, any parties and celebrations.

Contact 07804892418 or 07735458066

JOBANGLES New Orleans Session 1 Video

JOBANGLES New Orleans Session 2 Video

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